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Abhinav’s website design & his creativity make his work a definite eye catcher.

I have seen his recent work on VFX, matte painting & Photoshop work, which are

certainly wonderful assets to cater to any complex design requirement for any firm. I

would certainly recommend him for web designing & vfx work.

Abhishek Sharma, Team Lead, Keane, Noida

I believe In "First impression is the last impression" and his website impressed me in

the first shot, especially the bold use of dark colours, language of today's youth & above

all it proves his attitude to strive for the best & intentions to achieve the best. The Blog

where I found wide variety of topics, news updates, flimmy material to social issues.

Anurag Bhattacharya

Abhinav is a talented visual designer who is also strategic-minded and result-oriented.

From my very first discussion with him, he expertly communicated workable process

flow for visual art designing and delivered his promises. I highly recommend him for

any kind of job, be it compositing, color correction, animation or web designing.

R. Amit Kumar, Director, 69 Productions, Carbondale, IL, USA

Abhinav quickly grasps the requirements of a client, especially

with design, which makes his output really good. Has a sharp eye for

details and a creative edge that makes his work stand out.

Payel Mukherjee, Editorial Coordinator, 9.9 Media, New Delhi

Abhinav possesses a strong sense of design with a bent towards minimalism.

His designs do not clutter and give room for breathing. He is a good worker with an eye

for detail. He works hard, and more importantly, does not crib about iterations. I've

worked with him for more than six months now and not had reason to complain.

Pooja Kothari, Director, MeraTime, New Delhi

Abhinav has a great sense of design and very high diligent with his work.

He specially takes care of small things that make a huge difference to the quality

of the product. He has always performed more than our expectations.

Gunjan Aggarwal, Director, DU Placements, New Delhi


I am constantly grateful and humbled by your great work, and

the wonderful spirit in which you help me with all of this. I am not only a

customer, I am one of your biggest fans! Cheer for your future!

Mayank Aggarwal, Director, Ozone Builders, Faridabad

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